New Uses for Your Conference Room Every Day of the Week

Modern, agile companies are trying to think of new ways to create collaborative work environments. Rethinking how office space is used can lead to fresh ideas that encourage great workplace relationships at your company.

Plus, whether or not it’s in use, you’re paying to have a conference room. Why not use it for activities outside of traditional meetings?

Here are some fresh ideas to make the most of that precious real estate while encouraging collaboration.


Meet-up Mondays

Offer the opportunity for groups to gather before work, during lunch time or after work. Here are just a few ideas to inspire your team:

  • There is someone in your office right now who has a hobby that others share (or are interested in learning about). Take a poll or ask around, offer the space and time, and see what develops!
  • Pot-luck lunch bunch (themes could be seasonal cooking, international cuisine…endless options!)
  • Host a salon, a la TED Talks, where each person in the group has to give a short talk about something non-work related that they’ve learned about.
  • Randomly pair people from different departments for a “get to know you” coffee break.
  • Book club(s).
  • Monday Morning Quarterback club: Give sports fans a chance to discuss how the weekend went for their favorite athletes and teams.


Team-Building Tuesday

There is a myriad of examples of team building exercises out there, but you know your employees. Are there already a ton of weekly team meetings? Mix things up and offer fun activities for teams or anyone who wants to participate. Great opportunity for leaders to encourage cross-team collaboration efforts.

  • Run an “Escape the Room” session in your conference room (like Coca-Cola did).
  • There’s nothing boring about board games in the board room! Host a recurring board game lunch/happy hour.
  • Recruit executives to hold a town-hall-style meeting to address current issues at your firm.
  • Plan and run a Scavenger hunt.
  • Enlist help from your HR department and other company leaders: Ask which team building exercises they’ve enjoyed throughout their careers!


Wellness Wednesday

  • Offer chair or laughing yoga, meditation or tai chi classes.
  • Inspire a potluck for healthy homemade breakfasts, brunches, lunches, or snacks.
  • Running/Bike/Hiking Clubs.
  • Combine wellness with philanthropy: Enlist a team to participate in a fundraising 5k or similar project. Use this time and space to plan and discuss progress.


Thirsty Thursday

By Thursday, everyone is desperate for a little fun. Host a “Happy Hour”-style event to get an early start to the weekend.

  • Beer + Mario Kart = Beer Kart: Some companies are hosting team-based video game nights (with drinks).
  • Wine, whisky or seltzer tasting series.
  • Paint, Music or Art projects: Whether it’s doing or discussing, getting a group together for an art project or to review a local performance venue’s schedule, you can help your team get ready for the weekend!
  • Holiday-themed food, craft, or drinks meet-up.


Friday Funday

It’s the last day of the week! Inject a little fun before, during or after work.

  • Start a Fantasy Football league or host a weekend sports preview.
  • Host an art project (i.e., paint pumpkins for Halloween or decorate the office for an upcoming holiday) during lunch.
  • Kick off the weekend with something sweet: Cookie swaps aren’t just for the holiday season!

We hope you are inspired to bring your team together in new ways!

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