Visitor Management Analytics

Integrated Visitor Management & Meeting Room Booking

Keep both your employees and visitors safe by welcoming them to your workplace with an intuitive and intelligent visitor management integration from Smartway2. Automatically check-in your visitors, issue passes, manage meeting room bookings and more through easy to use visitor sign-in software.

Create wow factor

Leave a lasting impression for all the right reasons by integrating Visitor Management & Meeting Room Booking

Sign Visitors

What is visitor management?

Visitor management refers to the practice of welcoming, processing and monitoring guests and employees who enter your workplace on a daily basis. Many businesses now opt for using visitor sign-in software, the latest technology will leave your customers, contractors and partners with a memorable first impression for all the right reasons.

Visitors System

Why use a visitor management system?

  • Impress visitors with a slick visitor experience, enabled by technology that people love to use
  • Increase efficiency by streamlining and automating front desk tasks
  • Raise the standard of security in your building
  • Improve compliance, including GDPR, particularly in sectors where it’s vital
Vip Welcome

Give everyone a VIP welcome

These days customers expect a professional, seamless experience when they visit your office. Yet 2 out of every 5 people say their perception of a company has been negatively affected by their experience in the lobby/reception. The top reasons are unfriendly receptionists and a lacklustre welcome  [source: Proxyclick’s annual ‘Office Worker Bugbears’ survey].

That’s why slick visitor management is essential to uphold your brand reputation.

  • Enable self-service check-in via our visitor booking system integration so you can focus on giving visitors a friendly welcome
  • Eliminate waiting and hassle by printing badges and providing wifi codes automatically at check-in
  • Use notifications to keep visitors informed with maps, directions and contact numbers

Visitor management made easy



Badges print automatically at check-in, using any printer & any type of badge. Customize your design, print badges for specific visitor types and more.

Helpful invitations

Send visitors an email invitation with a map, directions, PDF attachments and contact details. The end result? Less stress and a great first impression.
Qr Codes

QR code access

Wow your visitors by emailing them a QR code that serves as their access pass, for a memorable experience and security compliance.
Intergrated Vm Software

Integrated visitor management software & meeting room booking

Our industry-leading platforms work hand in hand to deliver a best-in-class experience.

As an employee, when you book a meeting room in Smartway2 with external visitors, they are automatically pre-registered within Proxyclick. That way, the meeting room details are shared with your guests easily.

  • Provide employees with a seamless workflow, without having to log into two separate systems
  • Ensure the right communications are sent to external visitors, like meeting room details and access plans, in the confirmation email (before they arrive) and/or at check-in
  • Extend the same welcome to an expected business visitor as you would a guest in your own home, without compromising safety and security
Agile Meeting Room Booking

Have better meetings

Half of all meetings start late. Once they’re delayed by ten minutes or more, they’re likely to be significantly less effective [source: University of Nebraska Omaha, 2018]. Often it’s your check-in procedures, security or way-finding that causes these delays.

Proxyclick and Smartway2 work together to:

  • Prepare your visitor and take care of security admin before they arrive
  • Add memorable ‘magic touches’, e.g. have visitors pre-order their favorite drink
  • Eliminate mix-ups with meeting rooms and parking spaces, so there are no queues and no waiting around

An innovative 3-part solution

Replace your paper logbook or legacy software with best-in-class cloud based tools.

Web App

Desktop Calendar
Dashboard for your front desk

Kiosk App

Meeting Room Display Panel
Kiosk for your visitors

Smartphone App

Mobile App
Mobile app for your employees
Desktop Calendar
Meeting Room Display Panel
Mobile App
Security Compliance

Increase security & compliance

Without robust data management, you’re at risk of a data breach when holding personal info like names, car registrations and contact details.

That’s why Proxyclick and Smartway2 give you peace of mind that your data is safe, compliant and put to work to continuously improve visitor and employee experience.

  • Sync visitors’ details with your access control system
  • Log visitor movements around the building to maintain site security
  • Screen your visitors against Restricted and Denied Parties lists
  • Increase resource utilization
  • Boost employee productivity
  • Improve collaboration

Workplace analytics

By analyzing how space is used, from meeting rooms to parking, you gain valuable insights that help you make better decisions. As a result you can  improve efficiency, collaboration and productivity.

  • Increase workspace utilization
  • Improve compliance with a comprehensive audit trail
  • Assess workload to influence the number of receptionists you hire