Powerful workplace analytics & data visualization

Powerful workplace analytics & data visualization

Supercharge performance

Make better decisions to optimize your workplace with Smartway2 analytics

Workspace utilization

Get actionable insights for transforming employee experience & eliminating waste – for a lean, agile workplace.


  • Understand precisely how your rooms, desks & other resources are being used
  • Spot under-utilized spaces that are wasting valuable real estate
  • Take action when supply isn’t meeting demand, to boost collaboration and productivity

Eliminate wasted space

30% of meeting rooms are going to waste due to ‘no-shows’, costing thousands of dollars.


  • Reveal the impact of ‘no-shows’ and prove ROI as you make them a thing of the past
  • Discover how much wasted space you’ve made available for extra collaboration
  • Find out how much recouped space has been utilized, increasing productivity

Transform workplace utilization

Aim for 100% space utilization – the sky is the limit with Smart Room Recovery

Increase productivity

Supercharge collaboration

Improve employee experience

Analyze meeting behaviors

15% of organizations’ collective time is spent in meetings.

That’s why it’s essential to analyze and optimize the way meetings happen in your workplace.


  • Report on meeting attendance
  • Dive into meeting room reservation data – by attendee, category, host or location
  • Examine terminations, recurring bookings and more

Data visualization

“Visualization gives you answers to questions you didn’t know you had”
– Ben Schneiderman


  • Visualize your data by displaying it on floor plans, combined with Smartway2’s unique data ‘layering’ capability
  • See which spaces are available at-a-glance… or find a colleague you want to sit next to
  • Use heat-maps to reveal which rooms and desks are most popular
  • Customize data visualizations by overlaying shapes, colors and images onto your floor plans

Visitor management analytics

Analyze visitor & employee behavior to craft a truly VIP experience for your guests.


  • Gauge how busy your reception is and make data-driven staffing decisions
  • See how many of your hosts are pre-registering and welcoming the most visitors
  • Download all visitor data, including custom fields, to run your own detailed analysis

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Discover how workplace scheduling can transform your company.

  • Automate social distancing, contact tracing and compliance - for a safe return to work
  • Say goodbye to meeting room mix-ups
  • Save time and money - get more from your resources
  • Book rooms, desks, equipment and catering from your phone, desktop, tablet, or Outlook