Workplace Utilization Software for Meeting and Conference Room Booking

A meeting room booking system that helps you do more together.

Meetings are just better in-person. With Smartway2 by Hubstar, you’ll remember why.

  • Take the hassle out of room booking and have more productive meetings
  • Rebuild social connection and get people back in the office
  • Right size your meeting rooms and cut costs and emissions with advanced analytics
Easy and flexible meeting room booking system from desktop and mobile room booking app

Book the perfect room in 3 clicks or less

Meeting room booking software that takes care of the who, what, when and where for you.

  • Tell Smartway2’s digital meeting room booking concierge who you’d like to meet with and what equipment, functionalities and services you’ll need
  • No matter what you’re after, Smartway2 recommends when and where to book your meeting, and reserves the room for you
  • Boost room usage and space efficiency by matching people with exactly what they need
Room booking software and space management floorplan tool

Make data-driven meeting room design decisions

Tap into the valuable data locked up in meeting room booking. Decide on the right sizes, layouts, functionalities and equipment for each room with the most advanced analytics on the market.

  • Analyze meeting duration, no-show rate, idle time
  • Pinpoint your most and least popular rooms. See where and when the most wasted space is occurring
  • Resize, reconfigure or repurpose underused rooms. Boost efficiency and cut costs and carbon emissions in the process
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Works with what you already have

Smartway2 by Hubstar fits in perfectly with the tools your teams use every day.

  • Book rooms through Outlook, Teams, Zoom & more
  • Integrates with Active Directory, Okta, PingIdentity & more
  • An even faster, intuitive and more personalized booking experience

Meeting room booking done your way

Recommended rooms

Whether it’s location, size, equipment, room layout or services like catering you’re after, get the perfect room recommended in seconds, every time.

Configurable services

Integrate hospitality and facilities management tasks like catering and cleaning into booking, or define your own. Keep relevant teams in the loop with custom approvals and personalized notifications.
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Simple booking process

Behind-the-scenes algorithms make booking even the most complex room simple. Integrate approval processes and rules for each room and get advanced insights into meeting attendance.
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See what’s on and who’s in every week

Plan each week around moments and meetings that matter with Week View in Smartway2 by Hubstar.

  • See which friends and colleagues are planning to be in the office each day for the overcoming week
  • Choose the best days to come in and see all your room and desk bookings in one place
  • Give people a reason to come into the office every week, rebuild social connection and create the right level of buzz in the workplace
Scalable Enterprise Meeting Room Booking System Image

Balance workplace experience and governance

Combine great meetings with the workplace controls you need to cut back on wasted space and adhere to hybrid work policies.

  • Make sure the right people are booking the right rooms at the right times with flexible booking rules for each room
  • Filter rooms by AV equipment, layouts and services like catering, so employees can always find the perfect room
  • Simplify complex room approval processes and set thresholds for the minimum number of people who can book a room
Meeting Room Booking System Mobile App

Plan better team days in the office

With Smartway2’s meeting room booking software, you can book the perfect rooms for everyone on your team in 3 clicks or less.

  • Take the hassle out of coordinating everyone’s schedules for team days in the office – Smartway2’s digital concierge does it for you
  • Everything you need in 1 booking
  • Make most of team days in the office and achieve more together
Influence Workplace Behavior And Improve Meeting Etiquette

Influence workplace behaviour and improve meeting etiquette

Seeing that booked room you really wanted sitting empty? Put an end to every meeting faux pas with Smartway2 by Hubstar.

  • Remind people of upcoming bookings with custom notifications
  • Keep tabs on attendance with flexible check ins for each room. Set time limits for check-ins and meeting lengths
  • Free up rooms with wait lists. If a booking is canceled or no one checks in, whoever’s next on the list gets notified that the room is now free
Room Scheduling and Meeting Room Booking System Displays

Book any room, anytime with agile meeting room booking

Put an end to the desk-based mental gymnastics and always find the conference room you need.

  • Book rooms and recurring meetings from Outlook, web, on-the-go with the Smartway2 app and even from digital display panels
  • Bookings and changes sync across all interfaces instantly – no more double bookings
  • Make the most of being in the office, whether you’re booking conference rooms minutes before or weeks in advance
Agile Meeting Room Booking Mobile App

Book much more than just a meeting room

Need a catered lunch or cleaning after an all-day board meeting? No problem.

  • Add catering to any meeting. Order straight from the menu while booking
  • Integrate facilities management service requests like room cleaning with Smartway2 and alert relevant teams ASAP
  • Spend less time adding the right hospitality and facilities management services to upcoming meetings