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Intelligent workplace scheduling for effortless hybrid work

  • Create a workplace that’s worth the commute
  • Smoothly roll out hybrid work policies
  • Make the best possible use of space
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Hybrid work

Employee-first resource booking built for hybrid work. The virtual assistant in everyone’s pockets that helps them do their best work anywhere.

  • Flexible admin that adapts to the constant change of hybrid work
  • Whatever your hybrid work policy, Smartway2’s configurable booking rules make it easy to roll out
  • So easy to use, employees won’t need training
Workplace Experience for Hybrid Work with Mobile App, Mobile Desk Booking and Mobile Room Booking

Workplace Experience

Take the hassle out of resource booking and create a workplace that delivers a return-on-commute.

  • Find and book the right resources in 3 clicks or less
  • Give employees complete control over their workplace experience
  • Rebuild connections by making it easy to find friends and colleagues
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Space Management

No more unused spaces that create waste, raise costs and frustrate employees. Smartway2 helps you manage and plan space more efficiently to give individual productivity and team collaboration a boost.

  • Automatically free up booked spaces when no-shows happen
  • Measure resource booking performance with powerful dashboards
  • Understand the right configuration of spaces to increase workspace utilization
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Visitor Management

Give your visitors such an outstanding experience, they’ll wish they worked there too.

  • Book desks, rooms and parking spots for visitors beforehand and share details through an interactive visitor invitation
  • Automate check-in with customizable workflows including NDA signing, badge printing and more
  • Protect security and compliance through syncing visitor details with access control system and keeping tabs on visitor movement around the workplace