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Integrated visitor management & meeting room booking

Keep both your employees and visitors safe by welcoming them to your workplace with an intuitive and intelligent visitor management integration from Smartway2 by Hubstar. Automatically check-in your visitors, issue passes, manage meeting room bookings and more through easy to use visitor sign-in software.

Create wow factor

Leave a lasting impression for all the right reasons by integrating Visitor Management & Meeting Room Booking

Sign Visitors

What is visitor management?

Visitor management refers to the practice of welcoming, processing and monitoring third party guests who enter and exit your workplace daily. Once a visitor paper-log book, visitor management is now an innovative software solution, providing a streamlined digital registration for your office.

Visitors System

Why use visitor management?

  • Create a safe, secure and protected workplace for everyone in the building
  • Track and manage site capacity with real-time occupancy management and reporting
  • Comply with legal regulations including health and safety, and data protection
  • Impress guests to your workplace with an innovative and impressive check-in system
Vip Welcome

A VIP welcome from entry to exit

Entry: Visitors will receive an interactive visitor invitation to their email, providing them with all the necessary details on how to get to your site and what to do on arrival to successfully check-in.

Arrival: On arrival, a visitor begins the sign-in process at the self-service check-in kiosk, agreeing to site terms and conditions and more. A visitor will have their image captured, sign any NDA’s required and await their host for collection and the printing of their approved visitor pass.

Exit: When exiting the building, the visitor can simply scan the QR code provided on their visitor pass and recycle their paper pass into the kiosk before leaving the premises, successfully checking-out of the building.

Visitor management made easy


Manage groups and events

Pre-register upcoming group visits and manage events with bulk visitor upload options in the visitor management quick register portal.

Custom check-in workflows

Modify check-in workflows at the kiosk for varying visitor types including general visitors, contractors and VIP guests.
Qr Codes

Print visitor passes and access cards

Distribution of visitor passes upon host approval at the self-service check-in kiosk, and temporary access cards for existing staff.
Intergrated Vm Software

Integrated visitor management software & meeting room booking

Our industry-leading platforms work hand in hand to deliver a best-in-class experience.

As an employee, when you book a meeting room in Smartway2 by Hubstar with external visitors, they are automatically pre-registered within TDS. That way, the meeting room details are shared with your guests easily.

  • Provide employees with a seamless workflow, without having to log into two separate systems
  • Ensure the right communications are sent to external visitors, like meeting room details and access plans, in the confirmation email (before they arrive) and/or at check-in
  • Extend the same welcome to an expected business visitor as you would a guest in your own home, without compromising safety and security
Agile Meeting Room Booking

Create a unique and memorable experience

Streamline the process for all visitors coming into your facility by optimising your end-to-end procedures with an efficient and automated approach to visitor management. With new people entering your facility for meetings, it’s essential to ensure that they feel welcome, and leave with a positive and memorable experience during their time.

TDS Visitor and Smartway2 by Hubstar work together to:

  • Provide efficient information in their invitation to know what to expect
  • Welcome your visitor with ease to your facility prior to, and on arrival
  • Eliminate mix-ups with meeting rooms and parking spaces, so there are no queues and no waiting around

An innovative 3-part solution

Replace your paper logbook or legacy software with best-in-class cloud based tools.

Web App

Desktop Calendar
Online dashboard for employees/hosts at their desk

Kiosk App

Meeting Room Display Panel
Mobile dashboard to manage your visitors on the go

Smartphone App

Mobile App
Self-service check-in kiosk for visitors
Desktop Calendar
Meeting Room Display Panel
Mobile App
Visitor Management Security and Compliance

Increase security & compliance

Visitor Management helps you anonymise your visitor data and reduce the administrative burden now associated with GDPR compliance. It also ensures clients have real-time access to key visitor insights that can be used to enhance certain roles inside the organisation, while ensuring you’re not at risk of a data breach.
That’s why TDS Visitor and Smartway2 by Hubstar give you peace of mind that your data is safe, compliant and put to work to continuously improve visitor and employee experience.

  • Sync visitor details with your existing access control system
  • Log visitor movements around the building to maintain site security
  • Screen your visitors against Restricted and Denied Parties lists
  • Increase resource utilization and employee productivity respectively
Visitor Management System Analytics

Workplace analytics

By providing deep real-time and historical insights and graphical reporting, you gain valuable insights to help manage your facility more efficiently, with sufficient visitor data to make better decisions to improve workplace productivity.

  • Increase workspace utilization
  • Configure reports on company trends
  • Improve compliance with a comprehensive audit trail
  • Assess front-of-house resource requirements