Parking Lockers And More

Parking, Lockers & More: Book Anything with Smartway2

Make any office resource bookable in advance, from lockers and parking spots to focus booths and sleep pods.

Design The Office Of The Future Now

Get your hybrid experience just right

Workplace experience isn’t just desks and meeting rooms. Give employees complete control of what their day looks like.

  • Reserve and manage neighborhoods, zones, parking and shared spaces like kitchens, theaters and wellness rooms.
  • Assign employees to spaces based on their hybrid work patterns.
  • Measure actual attendance and space utilization to make sure you’re offering the right hybrid workplace experience.

Book, manage and measure anything



Ensure you book your favorite parking spot every single time.



Book a locker for your items close to your office before you head to work.


& More

Enjoy the ability to tailor the booking feature for your office requirements.

Planning a day mobile

Rebuild Social Connection

Take the effort out of planning a day in the office, so people spend less time figuring out where to go and more time working together.

  • Smartway2 finds and books everything you need for a productive day in the office based on your habits and preferences.
  • Find the right day and time to come in depending on who you want to work with.
  • Give employees the reassurance that they’ll have the workplace experience they want.
Get Your Hybrid Experience Just Right

Create A Commute-Worthy Workplace

Configure your spaces and resources so employees have the environment that brings out their best work.

  • Make any type of resource bookable, like office pods, collaboration spaces, rejuvenation rooms, coffee bars or nap rooms.
  • Configure custom amenities, policies and even a tailored booking experience by resource.
  • Experiment, measure utilization and learn what works.