Partner with Smartway2

Together we can help the world work better

Partner with Smartway2

Together we can help the world work better

Partnership Opportunities

Channel Partners

If you’re a service provider or value-added-reseller looking for growth, we can provide the world’s most flexible workplace scheduling system to your customers.

Referral Partners

If you’re a consultant or workplace influencer we can enhance the value you deliver to clients while you earn commission for introductions.

Systems Integrators

If you’re an IT solutions provider or AV systems integrator, we can help solve your customers’ workplace scheduling challenges, whether as part of an office refit, move or change project.

Technology Partners

If you build tools for smart offices, IoT, people management or some other aspect of the digital workplace, we can integrate our solutions to create value.

Are you a change-maker? A mover? A shaker?

Smartway2’s Workplace Transformation Partner Program is for companies, consultants or advisors who want to transform the way their clients interact with the spaces, desks and ’things’ in their workplace, to boost productivity and collaboration – all while earning commission.
If you’re involved in workplace transformation – helping to create the future of work – this program is for you.

Create outstanding ROI for your clients

Chances are you’re always on the lookout for new ways to add value.

Whether your focus is on digital transformation, employee engagement, agile working, innovative office design, or some other aspect improving the way people work, we understand the importance of equipping your clients with innovative new tools and processes that enable you to demonstrate measurable results.

By partnering with Smartway2 you can add slick workspace scheduling to your list of deliverables.

A shared vision

Our partners share our vision of bringing innovation, creativity and agility to every workplace by helping people, places and things work better together. Smartway2 is expanding rapidly, having invested heavily in product development and innovation, while opening corporate headquarters in the US and growing our footprint in APAC and Europe. This growth reflects the accelerating demand for adopting more agile, optimized ways of working and our partners help deliver these capabilities through their high quality solutions, services and relationships.

John T. Anderson

CEO, Smartway2

Let’s create change, together

If you’re working with mid to large organisations to help them create a better workplace – a more agile, collaborative and productive environment – Smartway2 can help you create that change.

What you’ll get:


  • Revenue share
  • Partner toolkit
  • Training and support
  • Dedicated partner manager

What customers are saying

“Smartway2 is an exceptionally agile tool; and the interface is very user friendly. It’s so flexible and customizable that we can make it do whatever we want it to do; and the open API is great. With other tools on the market, there’s no way to achieve that. Smartway2 won’t just serve our current needs – it’s flexible enough to adjust to whatever we decide we need in future. It’s built in such a way that we can innovate. I’d recommend Smartway2, without question.”

Joel Olson, Amarillo ISD

“I’d absolutely recommend Smartway2, simply because it does everything you need it to do. The feature set is rich and covers all the requirements that most organizations are likely to have. Their aggressive application development is incredible too. The team is really impressive and the support is just so good.”

Tristan Drinkwater, Exertis

“We chose Smartway2 because it has the best feature set, at a lower cost than the competition. Without Smartway2, we’d be in chaos! One of my favourite things about the product is how user friendly it is. It just works and massively improves the efficiency of how our building is run.”

Franky Law, Accrue Workplaces

Scalable, robust & secure

Rest assured, you’re in safe hands.


  • Offices in the US, UK and Australia support customers across the globe, around the clock
  • Local hosting via AWS provides reliability, security and scalability
  • Caters for SMBs with only a handful of meeting rooms, through to global enterprises with thousands of rooms, desks & other resources