Space Management with Smartway2

Build a better workplace with people-centric space management

Use data to create bookable spaces people love and adapt your spaces to the constant change of hybrid work.

Data and Charts

Take control
of your spaces

  • Say goodbye to overcrowding and ghost towns. Apply fully configurable rules to resources, so they’re only bookable on specific days of the week or by specific teams
  • Turn teamwork up a notch. Customize booking workflows to include approvals from managers or to prevent people booking the same desk back to back
  • Make hybrid run like a well oiled machine – even with less space. Group employees by hybrid occupancy profile and ensure each space serves everyone’s needs
Space Management Data and Charts Desk Booking Analaytics, Space Management Analytics

Measure how your spaces are performing

  • Measure which types of office spaces people gravitate towards
  • Plan your spaces more effectively by tracking how long desks and rooms are being reserved for and what days of the week are the most popular
  • Measure the ROI of desks and meeting rooms by tracking planned vs actual attendance
Analytics on Laptop

Advanced portfolio analytics all in one dashboard

  • Find all data about how people plan to use the office in one place – no more jumping back and forth between different tools and systems
  • Get as granular as you want. Group resources by type (collaboration pods, hot desks, permanently assigned desks) and compare occupancy
  • Or zoom out and get a bird’s eye view of occupancy across zones, floors and buildings
Room booking software and space management floorplan tool

Make data-driven space management decisions

  • Find the perfect ratio of individual to collaborative space, right-size your meeting rooms and improve your office layout
  • Design seating plans built to handle the constant change of hybrid work and make changes on the fly
  • Make sure floorplans are matching available space with employee demand