Agile workplace scheduling software

From meeting rooms and desks, to catering, parking & video conferencing. Create an optimized, hybrid workplace that empowers your people to do their best work.

Your workspace, your way!

Manage Demand

Transform the workplace experience

Smartway2 is the most flexible, user friendly resource booking tool there is.
It goes beyond supporting your existing processes, enabling new and better ways of working to emerge naturally… whether your goal is to implement hybrid working, reduce real estate costs or increase collaboration.

So easy to use, your people won’t even need training!

  • Use our ‘rules’ engine to optimize workflows, increase and resource utilization and improve safety
  • Enable people to book desks, rooms, catering, equipment, parking spaces and more
  • Book via mobile, desktop or Outlook – and keep everyone informed with custom notifications

Meeting room booking

Work Your Way

Boost workspace efficiency

When your office runs like clockwork, it’s one less thing to worry about.

Today’s flexible, hybrid workplace is dynamic and schedules often change in an instant, but productivity shouldn’t suffer. Smart resource scheduling optimizes team performance, no matter how quickly things change.

  • Create a culture of better meetings
  • Eliminate late starts and no-shows
  • Release unused rooms to free up valuable resources

Book anywhere, anytime

Our intuitive user interface looks consistent across all devices. It’s so easy to use, there’s no learning curve.

Check In Time

Set a check-in period

Set a check-in period, so the desk will be released if nobody shows up within a specified time. You can enable early check-ins too
Qr Codes

QR code & contactless ID

Identify yourself using a password, Q& code scan, or contactlessly, by touching your phone against a room or desk display panel

Customized Notifications

Keep everyone informed if something changes via interactive email and in-app notifications. Notifications are easy to customize
Book Here Now

Easy booking: here & now

Just arrived at the office and realized you forgot to book your desk? No problem. Find what’s available nearby, based on your current location

Desk booking

Desk Booking The Smart Way

Hot desking made easy

Empower your people, improve collaboration and stop wasting space.

Whether you have just one office or hundreds of desks across disparate offices in multiple countries, Smartway2 makes it easy to book desks in the office or on the move. Hot desking, done right, creates a more collaborative, agile culture.

  • Implement flexible, hybrid working practices with ease
  • Create a learning culture by encouraging cross-functional collaboration
  • Reduce real estate costs and optimize resource utilization
  • Reduce energy costs and cut your carbon footprint
Built For Cloud

Designed & built for the cloud

Smartway2 has been architected from the ground up to take advantage of the cloud. Our solution is underpinned by Amazon Web Services and our company is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 compliant, so you can rest easy and get on with making your organization a success.

From day one, our engineers have obsessed over flexibility and scalability. Smartway2 integrates with Outlook, Teams, access control systems, visitor management systems, sensors and more.

Cloud features

Enterprise performance and security

Active Directory

Active Directory Integration

Single Sign On

Single Sign-on

Available Locally

Available locally in your region

Multi Tenant

True multi-tenant architecture

Dedicated Databases

Dedicated client databases


Data is encrypted during processing and at rest

Powerful Api

Powerful and complete API

Workplace analytics

Make better, faster decisions to optimize your workplace using space utilization data.
Get full visibility of how your resources and spaces are being used, so you can configure your office and real estate portfolio to drive collaboration and reduce costs.

  • Which rooms, desks, equipment, floors and buildings are over or under utilized
  • How many meeting room and desk bookings are terminated due to no-shows
  • Which services are being ordered and when, e.g. catering
  • Who are the most prolific bookers
  • Create custom reports and export data to PDF or Excel
Agile Workspace

Book facilities on-the-go

Our iOS and Android apps make it easy for you to book rooms, desks and more anytime, anywhere.

Our resource booking mobile apps connect to Smartway2’s meeting room and desk booking software, making it easy to find the perfect spot to suit your requirements.

  • Forgot to book ahead? Find your nearest room or desk when you arrive at the office
  • Book catering, AV equipment, a particular room layout or more
  • Unrivalled usability: our mobile app works with Outlook, meeting room display panels and the browser version of Smartway2 – all with a consistent interface
Meeting and Conference Room Booking and Desk Booking Software Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook Integration Image

Outlook meeting room booking

Do you have a culture of booking meeting rooms in Outlook? No problem.

Our integration works differently than all the rest, bringing you exceptional ease-of-use and reliability.

  • You’ll be up and running in minutes
  • Works with Teams
  • Save time and money with better, faster meeting scheduling

More features to boost your producitivy


Search & filter easily

Find the right room for your meeting every time. Search by location, capacity, equipment, room layout and more. You can even define your own searchable properties.

Book catering & services

Configure and manage common services – such as catering and equipment – or define your own, with customizable approvals, workflow and smart notifications.
Assign Colors

Categories & colors

Use color-coded categories to organize your bookings and allow for quick visual identification. Categories can also be used with workflows, business rules, notifications and reports.
Manage Bookings

Check-in & termination

Hosts, and optionally attendees, can check in via smartphone, swipe card or room panel. No-shows result in the booking being cancelled to free up the room.
Meeting Room Display Panel

Slick conference room display panels

Book a room, order catering and much more, from right outside the door.

Our beautiful conference room display panels are fully integrated and synchronized. They’re robust, fit for purpose and support your brand – leaving employees and visitors with a great impression.

  • Create, edit or cancel bookings and the mobile app, Outlook and browser versions instantly update
  • Find a room at-a-glance – colored LEDs indicate availability
  • Improve the employee (and visitor) experience