Outlook meeting room booking system

Are you looking for an easier way to organize your meetings? Smartway2’s conference room booking software integrates with Outlook, Office 365 and Teams, empowering your people to boost meeting efficiency.
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Outlook meeting room booking and management made easy

Are you looking for an easier way to book a meeting room in outlook? Late cancellations can make it hard for your employees to find available rooms and prevents efficient use of your office real estate. By using Smartway2’s conference room management system, your staff can book meeting rooms, invite colleagues and order catering with just a few clicks from a single screen in Outlook. Our intuitive user interface is feature rich yet extremely easy to use.

And because our meeting room management software looks and works the same on all devices, users can effortlessly switch between Outlook, mobile app and web calendar, making booking conference rooms in outlook a breeze. Your team will be happy and productive in no time!

Book using Outlook or Office 365

Our Outlook meeting room scheduling software integrates tightly with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook. Smartway2 works with all flavors of Outlook, including the Outlook desktop program, Office 365 and Outlook Web App. We even support Outlook for Mac, so no-one in your team is left out in the cold.

Did you know?

Every vendor of conference room booking software claims that their solution works with Outlook. Our Outlook meeting room booking system is rich in features, easy to implement and unmatched in its reliability.

Powerful Api

Zero-installation deployment

The Smartway2 Outlook Add-in is available from the Microsoft Store. A few clicks and 2 minutes is all it takes to enable it for your whole team. There’s no need for time consuming application packaging and cumbersome software distribution tools. What’s more, you’ll never need to upgrade as users will automatically run the latest version.
Available Locally

Super robust & reliable

The Smartway2 Outlook Add-in doesn’t suffer from the reliability issues that affect traditional Outlook plug-ins because it is built on the latest Microsoft Office Add-ins platform. And because it doesn’t interact with other Add-ins there’s no need for compatibility testing. This greatly reduces the risk, effort and cost of implementation.
Microsoft Teams

Works with Microsoft Teams

Combine our Outlook meeting room booking software with Microsoft Teams to take your workplace collaboration to the next level. Easily add a Teams meeting to any reservation and Smartway2 will automatically send meeting invites and populate users’ Outlook/Teams calendars with meeting details.

Desktop Calendar

Find the right conference room booking – fast!

Smartway2 helps you quickly find the right conference room for your meeting every time, whatever your requirements. Filter by location, type, capacity, equipment, room layout options and more. You can even tailor the search function to the way you work by defining custom properties for your bookable resources.

More Smartway2 Outlook add-in features…

Assign Colors

Assign categories & colors

Organize your bookings with categories and colors to give them greater visibility. Categories can also be used for workflows, business rules, notifications and reports.
Room Setup

Room setup & clean-up time

Need to allow for extra time to set up equipment, change room layout or clean up? Piece of cake! Smartway2 will keep this time separate from your Outlook appointment.
Manage Bookings

Manage recurring bookings

Easily book and manage recurring meetings. Even complex combinations of rooms, catering and equipment are no problem and you’ll be alerted if there are any conflicts.

Book catering, equipment & more

Easily select the services you need, including catering, AV equipment, or a particular room layout. Service providers are automatically notified of new service orders, changes and cancellations. If configured, approval workflows are also kicked off.