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Book rooms, desks & more on-the-move

Smartway2’s desk and conference room scheduling mobile app is the perfect app to book meeting rooms. As a vital part of your agile, hybrid working toolkit, it allows your employees to locate colleagues and easily find a workspace that meets their needs, for enhanced productivity ad collaboration.

Mobile workspace booking made easy

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Find a workspace near you

When you’re on the move and looking for a meeting room or desk, Smartway2 can help. You can use our app to book meeting rooms by just tapping ‘book here and now’ to find out what’s available nearby, based on your current location.

Keep everyone in sync

When you book a room or a desk, or make a change to a reservation, Smartway2 is updated instantly. Meeting room displays, Outlook calendars and digital signage will immediately show the most up to date information so everyone knows exactly what’s going on.

Instant app notifications

With Smartway2 you won’t miss a thing. Our in-app notifications remind you of your bookings, prompt you when it’s time to check-in and keep you informed if anything changes.

Hassle-free, secure check-ins

Checking in to your meeting room or hot desk is fast and easy. Use NFC or bluetooth for instant contactless check-in, or scan a QR code with your phone’s camera.

Google Places integration

Meeting in an unfamiliar place? No problem. We’ll help you find parking or public transport and locate services such as cafes, hotels and restaurants nearby.

Mobile apps for iOS & Android

Smartway2 meeting room and desk booking apps are available for Android and iPhone. Both the android conference room app and meeting room ios app can be in your hands for free. They are included with every Smartway2 subscription. Download yours now.
Workplace Experience for Hybrid Work with Mobile App, Mobile Desk Booking and Mobile Room Booking

Small screen, big features!

We believe you shouldn’t have to compromize just because you’re using a smaller screen. We take full advantage of mobile platforms to give you even more features than you get on the big screen.

What doesn’t change is the sleek and easy-to-use interface.

Our mobile room booking app empowers your people to:

  • Book a conference room or desk in seconds
  • Create reservations using a floor-plan or calendar view
  • Find the right workspace based on location, capacity and features
  • Find a colleague or invite people to your meeting
  • Book ahead, or find a room near your location while on the move
  • Create complex recurring bookings
  • Order catering, equipment and change room layouts
  • Configure setup and cleanup time and add notes
  • Occupy a desk instantly with contactless functionality

And so much more…

Mobile App for Desk Booking System and Agile Room Booking

Check-in & check-out

Use check-in periods to create a culture of efficient resource use. Check-ins ensure desks and meeting rooms are released if nobody shows up within a specified time, so no space goes to waste. You can enable early check-ins too.

  • Extend your booking at the touch of a button
  • Finished early? End your booking and the desk or conference room will show as available for others to use
  • Desk widgets work with NFC, bluetooth or by scanning a QR code

Book anywhere, anytime

The intuitive user interface looks consistent across all devices. Our desk booking app is so easy to use, there’s no learning curve.

Meeting room panel

Meeting Room Display Panel
Check in; or create, extend and end meetings in an instant. Our sleek, purpose-built room panels offer a built-in RFID/NFC card reader, bluetooth and QR code so you can swipe, tap or scan.

Web calendar

Desktop Calendar
Take charge of your workspaces across multiple locations and time zones. With full drag and drop support it’s a breeze to view, create, approve and manage your organization’s bookings centrally and in real time.

Mobile apps

Mobile App
The full power of Smartway2 in your pocket. Book rooms, desks and services no matter where you are. Instantly locate a resource close to your current location, get directions to local parking and much more.

Desk booking panel

Desk Check In
Experience the future of desk booking! A simple, elegant solution that shows availability and existing bookings – while enabling you to reserve a desk for now or later. Our desk booking app also works with mobile & RFID.

Outlook booking

Meeting and Conference Room Booking and Desk Booking Software Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook Integration Image
Smartway2 works with Outlook, Exchange, Office 365 and Outlook for Mac. With industry-leading functionality and zero-install deployment, our integration is more advanced & reliable than any other.
Meeting Room Display Panel
Desktop Calendar
Mobile App
Desk Check In
Meeting and Conference Room Booking and Desk Booking Software Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook Integration Image
Mobile Desk Booking and Room Booking App for Collaboration and Hybrid Work

Create a more agile workplace

Hybrid working is all about enabling your people to work where, when and how they like. Our mobile apps are an important part of the agile, hybrid working toolkit. When your team can easily find colleagues and book the spaces and things they need on the move, they’re free to focus on doing their best work.

An agile workspace is a win-win for all:

  • Attract and retain talented people
  • Increase productivity and collaboration
  • Improve employee experience and satisfaction
  • Reduce stress, mix ups and clashes… no more fighting over meeting rooms or hot desks!