Desk booking system

Desk booking system for a modern, agile workplace. Booking and managing desks in your organisation has never been easier. Our COVID-19 friendly desk booking solution allows staff to reserve desks quickly and easily. 

Desk booking? It’s a breeze!

Fast, easy desk booking software on any device (even Outlook!)

room booking covid-19

Enable a safe return to work

room booking covid-19

Smartway2’s desk booking system makes it easy to protect your people by enabling you to adopt an automated, data-driven approach. You can be up and running in just a few days.

As people book their desks in advance you can automatically apply procedures to keep people safe. Read more.


Prevent hot-desking failure

Did you set out to increase space utilization and improve productivity, only to find hot-desks going to waste when they’re booked in advance by people who fail to show up? Or perhaps you’re trying to boost collaboration, yet people keep booking the same desks next to the same people, day in day out?

Smartway2 takes care of all these common pitfalls and more, so you don’t have to with our hot desk booking system.


  • Set simple desk booking rules so the right behaviors naturally emerge, e.g. you can’t book the same desk for more than 3 days in a row
  • Use ‘Smart Desk Recovery‘ to release unused desk bookings
  • Improve wellbeing by making certain desks available to people with specific ergonomic needs

Increase desk utilization

Are you utilizing empty desks when people go on vacation or are out-of-the-office? If you’re like most organizations, chances are they’re going to waste. It’s a common issue, particularly as 70% of people globally work remotely. That’s a lot of empty desks! Our desk booking solution can help get your business set up with an efficient office hoteling reservation system:


  • Make desks available for others to use while people are away, i.e. ‘reverse hoteling’!
  • Want to request a permanent desk? Approve requests and assign desks in Smartway2
  • Increase productivity and boost collaboration

Check-in via desk panel

Our slick, round 3.5″ desk panel mounts on any surface effortlessly – and it looks and feels like a piece of art!


  • Easily find and book available workspaces and hot desks
  • See the status of every desk at a glance
  • Enables secure ID and check-in
  • Cost-effective

Desk booking the smart way

Hot-desking or office hoteling, when done right, creates a more collaborative, agile culture [check out this agile working case study]. Whether you have just a few desks, or hundreds across disparate offices, Smartway2’s hot desk booking software makes it easy to book desks while in the office or on the move.


  • Reduce time spent organizing meetings and room-hunting
  • Eliminate no-shows
  • No more mix-ups, clashes and double bookings
  • Make late starts a thing of the past

Schedule it your way

Increase productivity by giving your team quick and easy access to the desks they need to succeed.

Set a check-in period

Set a check-in period, so the desk will be released if nobody shows up within a specified time. You can enable early check-ins too

QR code & countactless ID

Identify yourself using a password, QR code scan, or contactlessly, by touching your phone against the desk widget


Keep everyone informed if something changes via interactive email and in-app notifications. Notifications are easy to customize

Book here & now

Just arrived at the office and realized you forgot to book your desk? No problem. Find what’s available nearby, based on your current location

Find the perfect place to be productive

Search for the closest available desk when you arrive at the office, or book in advance. Whether you want a seat near the window or beside a particular colleague, it’s easy to book the perfect place to get productive.


  • Search for your ideal desk using advanced filters
  • Use our ‘book here and now’ feature to locate a desk nearby
  • Pre-book your desk on-the-move via our mobile app

Desk booking analytics

Discover exactly how your desks and other resources are being used, so you can make better decisions. Find out which desks are the most popular and which are under-utilized; identify the most prolific bookers and lots more.


  • Interactive reports enable you to examine data from different angles
  • Easily create custom reports
  • Export to PDF or Excel

Smart desk recovery

In many organizations, premium desk space is going to waste every day because team members make desk bookings then fail to show up. By prompting people to confirm their booking well in advance, you can free up otherwise wasted desks for others to use.

  • Increase resource utilization
  • Boost employee productivity
  • Improve collaboration

Book anywhere, anytime

Our intuitive user interface looks consistent across all devices. It’s so easy to use, there’s no learning curve.


Meeting room panel

Check in; or create, extend and end meetings in an instant. Our sleek, purpose-built room panels offer a built-in RFID/NFC card reader, bluetooth and QR code so you can swipe, tap or scan.

Web calendar

Take charge of your workspaces across multiple locations and time zones. With full drag and drop support it’s a breeze to view, create, approve and manage your organization’s bookings centrally and in real time.

Mobile apps

The full power of Smartway2 in your pocket. Book rooms, desks and services no matter where you are. Instantly locate a resource close to your current location, get directions to local parking and much more.

Desk booking panel

Experience the future of desk booking! A simple, elegant solution that shows availability and existing bookings – while enabling you to reserve a desk for now or later. Works with mobile & RFID.

Outlook booking

Smartway2 works with Outlook, Exchange, Office 365 and Outlook for Mac. With industry-leading functionality and zero-install deployment, our integration is more advanced & reliable than any other.

Cost & sustainability savings

With space at a premium and the pressing need to reduce environmental impact, optimizing and reducing the number of desks and volume of office space can bring a host of benefits far beyond improved collaboration.


  • Substantially reduce the square footage per employee
  • Reduce energy waste and build a more sustainable workplace
  • Eliminate vacant desks and increase worker-to-workspace ratio
  • Attract top talent by demonstrating modern, flexible working practices and green values

Check-in & check out

Use check-in periods to create a culture of efficient resource use. Check-ins ensure desks will be released if nobody shows up within a specified time, so no space goes to waste. You can enable early check-ins too.


  • Extend your booking at the touch of a button
  • Finished early? End your booking and the desk will show as available for others to use
  • Desk widgets work with NFC, bluetooth or by scanning a QR code

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Discover how workplace scheduling can transform your company.

  • Automate social distancing, contact tracing and compliance - for a safe return to work
  • Say goodbye to meeting room mix-ups
  • Save time and money - get more from your resources
  • Book rooms, desks, equipment and catering from your phone, desktop, tablet, or Outlook