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Clean Office Ideas: 10 Ways To Keep Your Workplace Clean & Safe When Returning To Work

The impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus has led to the biggest upheaval of our day-to-day lives that most of us have ever known. Everything has been affected in one way form or another.

One of the areas on which it has perhaps had the biggest impact is how we work. Where we work, when we work, who we work with and how we interact with them is going to be significantly different compared to pre Covid 19 times, definitely in the short and long term –  and possibly forever.

While a small percentage of workplaces and employees would have already developed the ability to work remotely before COVID-19, this number will undoubtedly increase significantly in the months and years ahead.

However, it’s not likely that our offices will disappear completely, but rather how we use them will change. More flexible options such as desk booking and room scheduling will certainly become more commonplace.

One thing however that is certain to be the case across private offices, shared workspaces and meeting rooms is a focus on creating a safe and clean environment in which workers can be protected against the spread of infections.

Returning to work in a clean office, in a safe and responsible manner, is now a key concern for businesses as they look to emerge from the impact of COVID-19.

We’ve compiled 10 clean office ideas which will help to keep your workplace clean and safe when your company returns to the office, minimizing the potential spread of infection in the office.

Top 10 Clean Office Ideas fo Keep the Workplace Safe

1. Get a deep clean

If returning to the office after a significant amount of time away you may want to consider getting a professional cleaning company to undertake a deep clean of your premises, whether it be a shared office space or your own private office.

Using professional services and products will ensure that your office can start from scratch and you can ultimately have more control over the cleanliness of your workplace.

2. Digital signage

It’s always a good idea to ensure your employees or those using your office space are aware of the rules and restrictions laid down by your business – there are plenty of resources available to help you decide on these restrictions, whether you are based in the US, UK or further afield.

By making these restrictions, guidelines and advice clear to those using your office space and desks by erecting signs and notices in relevant areas, those using the spaces will be reminded of the importance of cleanliness.

At Smartway2 our display panels and apps can be used to help out with this process.

3. Ensure clear working protocol with employees

Communication with employees and those renting desk and office space to ensure that they are all aware of the importance of keeping common areas and workspaces clean – no one should have to explain what a significant impact this coronavirus has had on all our lives, but clear communication with colleagues will ensure everyone is aware of their responsibilities to others’ safety.

Whether that be via group email, intranet system or even something as casual as a Whatsapp group, make those who are going to be using your spaces that there are strict guidelines which need to be followed. 

4. Get tough with offenders

We all remember the day when we first sniggered when the office manager handed out disinfectant wipes, or at the first suggestion that everyone may have to work from home due to COVID-19. 

That joke quickly turned into something more serious, with hundreds of thousands of deaths in the US alone so far. 

The seriousness of COVID-19 can’t be understated – so anyone playing hard and fast with the rules you lay down for keeping everyone else clean and safe should be made aware in no uncertain terms why it’s not acceptable.

5. Scheduling

In a more practical sense, when the majority of people return to work chances are it is going to be on a staggered basis, with many having to adjust to more flexible working times, staggered shifts to ensure there is always a limited capacity within office areas.

Scheduling software such as the one we offer can help with that, but regardless of which software or system you use to organise this within your office space it is vital to utlilize it to ensure everyone is safe.

6. Regularly clean common areas

While it may go without saying, cleaning the common areas of your office space such as the kitchen, conference rooms and bathrooms in particular are important to limit the potential spread of infection.

By cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and areas which are likely to receive a significant amount of human contact such as worktops, door handles and more can help with killing any disease particles.

7. Keyboards

Particularly in the case of shared offices, coworking spaces and hot desking hotspots, in and around the keyboard areas are quite often places which can get quite dirty and should be regularly cleaned.

By encouraging employees and other users of your desks to clean and disinfect their workspace before they finish is a key part of ensuring the safety of the next desk user.

8. Disinfectant Wipes

Using an EPA registered disinfectant product ensures you have the highest degree of protection against infection. By regularly using disinfectant wipes across all your surfaces you can protect your employees.

Ensure that all of those using your office facilities know where these items are located for quick and easy access.

9. Hand Sanitiser

Due to unprecedented demand for hand sanitiser in the home and the workplace, prices have shot up for this stuff but it really is an essential item when it comes to limiting the potential spread of infection due to COVID-19.

10. Contact Tracing

One of the key areas which is helping to defeat Covid 19 throughout the world is the use of track and trace systems which is able to identify who you have been in contact with that may hve had the disease.

While many governments are struggling to find out the best way to implement this – new technology is providing ever more solutions which help companies to implement contact tracing – including ours.

Ensuring the safe return to work 

If your business making plans for the return to work post COVID-19 and lockdowns, then you can follow the above tips to keep your workplace clean and safe for employees at all time to make the transition back into office life as easy as possible. Smartway2 is a leading WorkTech company that transforms workplace experience and any other facilities in advance – generating utilization data that powers continuous improvement.


Hannah Cresswell

Last updated June 4, 2020