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2023 Round Up: Top 5 Most-Read Workplace Posts from the Smartway2 Blog

From choosing the right office pods to hot desking tips and tricks, 2023 has been all about highlighting the latest and greatest workplace tips and trends on the Smartway2 blog.

But these 5 blog posts stood out as the most popular.

So as we shake off our holiday food comas and remember how to do our jobs and what day of the week it is, here are last year’s most-read workplace posts from the Smartway2 blog.

1) Want to Banish Commute Regret Forever? Manage Office Occupancy

We’ve all been there. Waking up early and braving the trials and tribulations of the morning commute into the office, only to immensely regret your decision. Managing office occupancy to make sure you’re getting it just right is the antidote to commute regret. Here’s why, and how to do it.

Smartway Manage Office Occupancy

2) The Role of a Workplace Experience Manager: Defined

The number of Workplace Experience Manager job postings skyrocketed last year. But what exactly falls under a Workplace Experience Manager’s remit, and why is this relatively new role quickly becoming critical to the success of the modern hybrid office? Find out here.

The Role of a Workplace Experience Manager: Defined

3) 23 Questions to Ask in Your Next Employee Workplace Survey

Employee feedback is a valuable source of data if you’re looking to improve your workplace. But if the right questions aren’t asked in the right ways, it’s virtually impossible to get actionable answers and understand what people really think. Use these questions in your next survey to get the insights you need to build a better workplace.

23 Questions To Ask In Your Next Employee Workplace Survey

4) 6 Ways to Improve Your Workplace Experience

How can you improve something as nebulous and abstract as workplace experience? In this post, we dive into the core components of a great workplace experience and six ways to start creating a better one.

Smartway2 Imporove Workplace Experience In 2023

5) The Dos and Don’ts of Hot Desking Etiquette

Hot desking has become the status quo for most offices since the pandemic, but without the right approach it can be an absolute nightmare for employees. In this post from Smartway2 Product Director Huw Davies, check out the dos and don’ts of hot desking to make it work for everyone.

The Dos and Don'ts of Hot Desking Etiquette

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