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Transform employee experience & space utilization

Scheduling and space utilization management made easy, so everyone can focus on a great day’s work.

  • Create smart rules to eliminate costly ‘no shows’ and improve availability
  • Enable your people to book directly in Outlook
  • Continuously optimize space and experience with smart space insights
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“We love the intuitive and user-friendly experience. It’s highly customisable with open API which helps us innovate as we grow. I’d recommend Smartway2 without question.”

Joel Olson, Amarillo ISD


“Feature-rich scheduling at the best price on the market. My favourite thing is how user-friendly it is, without it we’d be in chaos! Our office runs much smoother with Smartway2.”

Franky Law, Accrue Workplaces

“The rich feature set and innovative application development help us stay ahead of the game, and I’m really impressed with the support from the team, it’s second to none.”

Tristan Drinkwater, Exertis

Easy Outlook conferenece room booking for hybrid teams

Schedule conference rooms inside Outlook is the most innovative way to make it easy to find and book the right room with the right people. Get behavior data insights to balance usage and demand, and automatically fee up unused spaces. Easy to use and simple to configure, have meeting rooms your way to boost experience.

It’s easy to use, easy to set-up and fast to deploy with excellent adoption rates for an app employees want to use.

Maximize productivity In Outlook

Make bookings where you are already working In Outlook, with our smart plug-In.

Customize employee experience

Use smart automation to customize employee experience on the fly.

Minimize 'No-Shows'

Identify and release room automatically for up to 50% less wastage and more availability.

Optimize room occupancy

Know who uses which rooms when. Make space optimization decisions based on real data, not assumptions.

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Book Rooms in Outlook & Teams

Already using Outlook? The Smartway2 add-in means booking rooms directly into your outlook calendar, simply book meeting rooms, invite colleagues and order catering all in one place, with just a few clicks from a single screen in Outlook.

Smarter scheduling

Our world-class rules configurator helps create custom rules and workflows, to encourage the right behaviors for hybrid working.

Employees can build their schedule based on preferences and previous booking behaviour for smarter scheduling.

Eliminate 'no-shows'

Typically, 40% of space availability can be wasted because people fail to show up.

Eliminate this problem, by releasing rooms back into availability, saving cost, and providing a better experience for your people with more rooms being available more often.


Room utilization insights

Get valuable trends and insights on who is using which rooms and when, provide the right space and optimize utilization on a continuous improvement cycle.

Meeting room display screens

Clearly indicate whether rooms are available or occupied with color coded screens. Touchless check in and out of meetings.

Outlook conference room booking built for hybrid working

Easy Collaboration

Rooms for collaboration

Make booking rooms easy and increase productivity by helping your people get the right-sized room in the right location to make collaboration in the office easy.


Smart room recovery

Helps automatically recover booked rooms that are no longer needed e.g. vacation. Improving availability, efficiency and experience.


Room display panels

Easy touchless check-in to rooms via a digital display panel outside the room, to easily identify availability.


Design amazing spaces

Use data to make your office a place your people want to be, by creating more collaboration spaces like rooms and break out spaces for more in-person meetings.



Talks to other workplace technology like Outlook, Teams, Visitor Management, Security Systems, Sensors and more.


Occupancy management

Understand capacity vs demand and do more with the spaces your people want to use.

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