The Australian Education Union (AEU) Victoria chose Smartway2 to manage space scheduling.

“The standout features that led to our decision to use Smartway2 are it’s clean and simple interface, it’s ability to integrate with Outlook and the simple way it can be deployed to the display screens outside our rooms, not to mention the high level of support that’s provided with the product,” said Evan Henderson, IT Officer at AEU Victoria.

“Without Smartway2, staff would be wasting time trying to find a free room and it would be impossible to run important meetings effectively. We’d need to enter details of our conferences into the individual calendars of every staff member.

“Smartway2 has enabled us to set and forget our complex room booking processes. Staff pick it up quickly, because it’s so easy to use. As a result, we’re free to concentrate on our day-to-day work instead of wasting time attempting to coordinate the huge number of meetings and events that run in our office every week.

“My workload would be significantly higher without Smartway2.”

“Everyone in our organization relies on Smartway2 to provide a smooth room booking experience, from any device. We use it for all of our space scheduling requirements, including meetings, training, workshops and conferences.

“When we shifted to an open plan office layout, the internal demand for meeting rooms sky-rocketed, because people no longer had their own offices. We also have a very large membership of almost 50,000 teachers. We provide these members with professional development and training, as well as running large, multi-day conferences with keynote speakers and workshops. These events are planned far in advance, so reserving space and enabling staff to work around those reservations is essential.

“The most important thing to us was employee and member experience. Other products we looked at were too complex and difficult to use. The slick combination of panel displays, an intuitive web interface and integration with Outlook made Smartway2 the best solution for us.

“My favourite feature is the Outlook integration as it enables our staff to book meetings in a familiar way in Outlook and the bookings are automatically transferred into Smartway2 without any extra steps for the end user.

“It was easy to get started using Smartway2 thanks to the excellent support their team provided.”

“The biggest reason I would recommend Smartway2 is the usability. Despite there being relatively complicated back-end processes around room booking, it’s so intuitive and user friendly that everyone can simply book what they need when they need it, with no technical skill required.”

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