Altus Financial chose Smartway2 to manage space scheduling.

“We needed to find a way to manage our meeting room bookings more effectively,” said Valerie Alexandrova, Operations Manager at Altus Financial.

“The key capabilities we sought in a workplace scheduling solution were ease of implementation, low cost of ownership and seamless, zero footprint integration with Outlook.

“The main challenge we faced was the burden that managing room bookings was placing on reception staff. Every room booking had to go through reception. We were relying on them to create bookings and conduct manual availability checks to prevent clashes.

“Double bookings were a real problem for us. Reception had to contact individual employees when they inadvertently booked a room that was already reserved, then they had to search for an available space and shift bookings around to resolve the issue. It was time-consuming and frustrating.

“Smartway2 enabled us to solve these problems by eliminating double bookings and streamlining the whole resource scheduling process. As a result, reception is free to focus on higher value tasks.

“This isn’t the only way Smartway2 has improved employee experience and boosted productivity in our organization – we can also make and manage bookings via the Smartway2 mobile app and via the meeting room display panels. Having the meeting room displays outside every room makes it really easy to see which spaces are available, at a glance.

“Everyone at Altus Financial uses Smartway2, making bookings via the Outlook integration. Reception has full visibility of all bookings and we love the fact they receive notifications when catering is ordered. Another favourite feature in Smartway2 is the way the tool suggests alternative start times for meetings, if your preferred rooms are taken, or if your recurring booking is unavailable for some of your desired days/weeks.

“At Altus Financial we take great pride in providing a progressive workplace. We continually deliver quality advice to our clients and constantly strive to improve our offering. Smartway2 supports us in achieving these goals by helping us deliver a superior workplace experience, for both employees and visitors alike.”

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