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Unlock the Power of Your Scheduling Data

Introducing Dashboards

Join Chris L’Hommedieu, our VP of Product, for an exclusive, customer-only demo of our new workplace analytics.

Many workplace leaders don’t have a clear picture of what actually happens in the office. So when the time comes to make high-impact workplace decisions, they’re being made in the dark.

Smartway2’s new workplace analytics instantly illuminate what’s going on at every level of your real estate portfolio. With top-notch, real-time data, you’ll extract unprecedented value from your scheduling platform. From architectural design to hybrid scheduling policies, the new workplace dashboards will help you make the right workplace decisions – with confidence.

In this demo, we cover:

– ‘Just’ dashboards, which display laser-focused analytics on specific resources such as rooms, desk and locations
– ‘Think’ dashboards, which provide correlated insights on occupancy, enabling you to see connections and patterns that make the invisible visible