Watch Webinar: Scenario Planning for a Safe Return to School

Are you ready for a safe return to school? Discover how leading universities are tackling complex challenges.

beyond the new normal

In this 30-minute webinar we’ll walk through real-life scenarios to inform your back-to-school strategy and spark fresh thinking.

We’ll show you how Colorado State University, CalArts, Boston Architectural College, the University of Virginia and the State University of New York have tackled complex challenges, including:

  • How to manage capacity and control who uses what and when – from study rooms, libraries and music rooms, to offices and equipment.
  • How to manage sanitation procedures so facilities are kept clean between each use.
  • How to maintain stringent security measures around resource booking to protect student privacy and prevent stalking.
  • How to enable contact tracing in the event someone falls ill.
  • How to create a hybrid working and learning environment.


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