30% of space is going to waste

The true cost goes far beyond real estate alone…

30% of space is going to waste

The true cost goes far beyond real estate alone…

Boost collaboration & productivity

Supercharge performance by understanding space utilization & meeting behavior like never before

Smart Room Recovery

Facilities and real estate leaders are often shocked to discover that they’re wasting thousands of dollars paying for premium meeting rooms that go to waste, because people make bookings then fail to show up.

Yet this is the tip of the iceberg. The true silent killer is people costs.

Smartway2’s Smart Room Recovery solves ‘no-shows’ once and for all and increases Collaborative Velocity across your entire organization.


  • Dramatically increase workspace utilization and reduce costs
  • Free up your resources, to boost collaboration & productivity
  • Deliver a superior employee experience & increase Collaborative Velocity

Smart Room Recovery: How it works

Discover how Smartway2 enhances employee experience and collaboration – while providing your
Real Estate and Facilities team with the analytics they need to manage meeting rooms and desks.

What is collaborative velocity?

Collaborative Velocity is the rate at which your organization completes projects that require collaboration (i.e. all projects!).

When people can’t find the spaces and desks they need, because they appear to be fully booked, meetings get delayed and project timelines stretch incrementally. Add this up across your entire organization and the impact is severe: Collaborative Velocity plummets.

With Smartway2, you’ll find that you have more resources available than you thought. Then you can set them free and measure the impact.

That’s why Smartway2 enables you to improve productivity and collaboration like never before.

Create a more agile workplace

Agile working demands that people can find the right desk, focus booth, collaboration area, AV room – whatever they need, when they need it – in order to reach their full potential. That’s why Smart Room Recovery is an essential part of your agile working toolkit.


  • Painlessly implement hot-desking, Activity Based Working (ABW) and other agile approaches
  • Notify people that a space they wanted to book has become available
  • Run reports to track ROI & use real time data to make better decisions

Workplace analytics

Smartway2’s reporting capability gives you insights into workspace utilization, to help you make better decisions and demonstrate ROI.

Discover precisely how much value you’re delivering through Smart Room Recovery.


  • Analyze how many meeting hours you’ve recouped that would’ve gone to waste
  • Understand what percentage of recouped space has been utilized
  • Show tangible evidence of the extent to which collaboration has improved

Book anywhere, anytime

Our intuitive user interface looks consistent across all devices. It’s so easy to use, there’s no learning curve.


Meeting room panel

Check in; or create, extend and end meetings in an instant. Our sleek, purpose-built room panels offer a built-in RFID/NFC card reader, bluetooth and QR code so you can swipe, tap or scan.

Web calendar

Take charge of your workspaces across multiple locations and time zones. With full drag and drop support it’s a breeze to view, create, approve and manage your organization’s bookings centrally and in real time.

Mobile apps

The full power of Smartway2 in your pocket. Book rooms, desks and services no matter where you are. Instantly locate a resource close to your current location, get directions to local parking and much more.

Desk booking panel

Experience the future of desk booking! A simple, elegant solution that shows availability and existing bookings – while enabling you to reserve a desk for now or later. Works with mobile & RFID.

Outlook booking

Smartway2 works with Outlook, Exchange, Office 365 and Outlook for Mac. With industry-leading functionality and zero-install deployment, our integration is more advanced & reliable than any other.

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  • Automate social distancing, contact tracing and compliance - for a safe return to work
  • Say goodbye to meeting room mix-ups
  • Save time and money - get more from your resources
  • Book rooms, desks, equipment and catering from your phone, desktop, tablet, or Outlook