Planning a safe return to work

Smart workplace scheduling can protect your people amidst COVID-19

Planning a safe return to work

Smart workplace scheduling can protect your people amidst COVID-19

social distancing desks

Enable social distancing

social distancing desks

Specify the radius you want to protect around desks, to ensure social distancing – it only takes seconds.


  • Users can only book desks that are COVID-safe
  • When someone makes a booking, Smartway2 automatically takes all desks around them out of service
  • Fully automate physical distancing in your workplace
  • Works with CAD floor plans or just a simple image of your office layout

Cleaning and sanitation for rooms & desks

sanitation office covid-19

Organizations are also under pressure to maintain high standards of sanitation and cleaning in the office. 


  • Prevent touch contamination by ensuring meeting rooms and desks are cleaned after every use
  • Easily prevent people from booking desks that have been used in the past 48 hours
  • Each desk has a countdown timer, so you can see at-a-glance how long it’ll be before a desk becomes available again 
sanitation countdown covid-19
desk panel coronavirus signage

Digital signage on desks

desk panel coronavirus signage

Using desk booking software, configured for social distancing, doesn’t solve the whole problem. You’ll also need some kind of signage or barrier to prevent people sitting at desks that are out of service.


  • Using Smartway2’s desk display panels, you can clearly indicate which desks are out of service or awaiting cleaning, so nobody will sit at a workstation until a cleaner has put it back in service after sanitation

Use meeting rooms as ‘overspill’ spaces

room booking covid-19

With fewer on-site meetings, many conference rooms could be under-utilized, while other parts of the office struggle at full capacity. There are several ways to address this inefficiency in space utilization:


  • Open up available meeting rooms to provide employees with additional desk space
  • Allocate meeting rooms as ‘overspill’ spaces in your office, e.g. if the cafeteria is full, automatically open up a conference room so people can book a safe place to eat their lunch
  • Configure rules for each individual meeting room and users can see at a glance which spaces are available to book
room booking covid-19
desk panel coronavirus signage

Contact tracing

desk panel coronavirus signage

As people book the conference rooms, desks, parking spaces, AV equipment and any other services they need in Smartway2, this data can be leveraged to help protect your people.

It’s a feature-set we truly hope you’ll never have to use.


  • If one of your colleagues falls ill, run reports on whom they may have come into contact with
  • Identify risk levels and the reasons why – e.g. perhaps they sat in close proximity to someone who has fallen ill, attended the same meeting, or worked in the same office neighborhood



When someone books a desk in Smartway2, they can be prompted to self-certify that they are free from symptoms (e.g fever) – and have not been in contact with anyone displaying symptoms – before coming into the office.


  • Reduce presenteeism (according to an APA study, presenteeism costs the US economy $226 billion per year)
  • Reduce health risks
  • Improve compliance
covid-19 self certification
covid-19 return to work approvals

Manage demand 

covid-19 approvals technology

When someone wants to work from the office, Smartway2 can ask them to provide a reason why – such as not having a suitable workstation at home, loneliness, or a business reason. Managers can then approve valid requests.


  • Enable managers to gauge the level of necessity for each team member to be physically present at work
  • Reduce health risks and increase productivity
  • Gain valuable insights that enable you to better support employees

Employee surveys

covid 19 surveys

Provide your people with the opportunity to give regular feedback throughout the transitionary period by posing survey questions when they book resources in Smartway2.


  • Predict demand, e.g. by asking how many days per week people would like to work from the office
  • Conduct frequent temperature checks to understand sentiment and perceptions of workplace safety
  • Adopt an agile approach to change management, learning and adjusting along the way
covid surveys

Flexibility is everything

In a fast-changing situation, you need the world’s most flexible workplace scheduling platform to adapt to your needs on the fly

COVID-19 demands extreme flexibility

flexible software solution covid-19

The Coronavirus pandemic is unpredictable, so organizations must prepare for the unexpected as policies continue to change.


  • Configure Smartway2 to enforce the latest policies and best practices – from social distancing to contact tracing – no complex coding or long, expensive implementations required
  • Use our ultra-flexible ‘rules engine‘ to adapt to your workflow – make changes yourself or with help from our team
  • Get up and running in days, not weeks or months, even with custom requirements
flexible software solution covid-19

Watch our webinar: Planning a Safe Return to Work


Discover precisely how to protect your people using these approaches and next-generation tools.

planning a safe return to work covid-19

Enterprise performance

Enterprise-level security, support & performance you can trust

Scalable, robust & secure

Rest assured, you’re in safe hands.


  • Offices in the US, UK and Australia support customers across the globe, around the clock
  • Local hosting via AWS provides reliability, security and scalability
  • Caters for SMBs with only a handful of meeting rooms, through to global enterprises with thousands of rooms, desks & other resources

Book anywhere, anytime

Our intuitive user interface looks consistent across all devices. It’s so easy to use, there’s no learning curve.


Meeting room panel

Check in; or create, extend and end meetings in an instant. Our sleek, purpose-built room panels offer a built-in RFID/NFC card reader, bluetooth and QR code so you can swipe, tap or scan.

Web calendar

Take charge of your workspaces across multiple locations and time zones. With full drag and drop support it’s a breeze to view, create, approve and manage your organization’s bookings centrally and in real time.

Mobile apps

The full power of Smartway2 in your pocket. Book rooms, desks and services no matter where you are. Instantly locate a resource close to your current location, get directions to local parking and much more.

Desk booking panel

Experience the future of desk booking! A simple, elegant solution that shows availability and existing bookings – while enabling you to reserve a desk for now or later. Works with mobile & RFID.

Outlook booking

Smartway2 works with Outlook, Exchange, Office 365 and Outlook for Mac. With industry-leading functionality and zero-install deployment, our integration is more advanced & reliable than any other.

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Discover how workplace scheduling can transform your company.

  • Automate social distancing, contact tracing and compliance - for a safe return to work
  • Say goodbye to meeting room mix-ups
  • Save time and money - get more from your resources
  • Book rooms, desks, equipment and catering from your phone, desktop, tablet, or Outlook