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For a flexible, hybrid workplace

  • Easy desk booking for employees and easy desk management for space planners.
  • See how spaces are being used and make smart decisions
  • Great employee experience
  • Optimize real estate costs
  • Control building occupancy

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“Feature-rich scheduling at the best price on the market. My favourite thing is how user-friendly it is, without it we’d be in chaos! Our office runs much smoother with Smartway2.”

Franky Law, Accrue Workplaces

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“We love the intuitive and user-friendly experience. It’s highly customisable with open API which helps us innovate as we grow. I’d recommend Smartway2 without question.”

Joel Olson, Amarillo ISD

“The rich feature set and innovative application development help us stay ahead of the game, and I’m really impressed with the support from the team, it’s second to none.”

Tristan Drinkwater, Exertis

Easy Hot Desking for for hybrid teams

Schedule desks the way your people want them, so it’s a breeze to find where and who to work with. Get behavior insights to balance usage and demand, and easily configure powerful rules to automate smart usage to reduce wasted space and boost employee experience.

It’s easy to set-up and use, fast to deploy with excellent adoption rates of a solution employee actually want to use.


Easy booking views

Get a clear view of which desk is best on a floor plan and book directly in Outlook. See popular desks and get insights to manage demand. 


Office neighborhoods

Create dedicated zones for teams, departments or projects. Set desk reservation permissions to make booking and managing spaces simple. 


Find a colleague

Easily know when coworkers will be in the office, see where they will be sitting book a desk beside them. 

Control occupancy

Integrate desk booking with security badges to forecast and manage occupancy and building access with ease. 

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Book desks in Outlook & Teams

Already using Outlook? The Smartway2 plug-in means booking desk directly in your schedule, with just a few clicks from a single screen in Outlook.

Desk Floor View

Find the ideal desk with floor plan view

The easiest way to book a desk is to see its location on a map. Configuration is easy too, floor plans can be supplied in any format, including jpegs and PDFs, no need for CAD files.

Find Coworkers

Easily find neighborhoods or coworkers

Make it a breeze for people to find one another, easily create dedicated zones for teams, departments or projects, with full control over what spaces can be booked when.

Control occupancy

Stay in control as your people return to the office. Set controls that only allow bookings from the number of people that match the desk and rooms you have available or floors you have open.

Auto-suggest alternative dates and times to employees that over book on certain days to level out demand.

Integrate desk/space booking with security badges to manage building access with ease.

Hot desking built for hybrid working

Easy Collaboration

Easy collaboration

Make booking easy, help employees know where their coworkers will be in the office and book a desk next to them.


Smart desk recovery

Reverse hoteling helps you automatically recover booked desks that are no longer needed e.g. vacation. Improving availability and efficiency.


Desk hoteling for better desk ratios

Transition from 1:1 assigned seating to multiple occupancy per desk to increase efficiency or desk and space.


Design amazing spaces

Make your office a place your people want to be by creating more spaces they want to use.


Automate approvals

Easily manage workflows and approvals on bookings e.g. by employee or by space.


Localize your experience

Create custom rules to match local requirements and help your people adopt desired behaviors, to get the most out of your spaces.



Talks to your workplace tech stack with Outlook, Teams, VMS, security systems, sensors and more.


Occupancy management

Understand capacity vs demand and do more with less spaces with a rationalized portfolio.


Desk displays

Easy touchless checkin to desks via a digital display, easily identify availability and know occupancy levels at desk, zone or floor level. 

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