Meeting room & desk display panels

For a flexible, hybrid workplace

Create a touchless, frictionless workplace experience.

  • Swipe to check in or check out of a meeting room or desk booking
  • See at a glance which rooms and desks are available
  • Eliminate costly ‘no shows’ and optimize utilization

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“Smartway2 is an exceptionally agile tool; and the interface is very user friendly. It’s so flexible and customizable that we can make it do whatever we want it to do; and the open API is great. With other tools on the market, there’s no way to achieve that. Smartway2 won’t just serve our current needs – it’s flexible enough to adjust to whatever we decide we need in future. It’s built in such a way that we can innovate. I’d recommend Smartway2, without question.”

Joel Olson, Amarillo ISD

“I’d absolutely recommend Smartway2, simply because it does everything you need it to do. The feature set is rich and covers all the requirements that most organizations are likely to have. Their aggressive application development is incredible too. The team is really impressive and the support is just so good.”

Tristan Drinkwater, Exertis


“We chose Smartway2 because it has the best feature set, at a lower cost than the competition. Without Smartway2, we’d be in chaos! One of my favourite things about the product is how user friendly it is. It just works and massively improves the efficiency of how our building is run.”

Franky Law, Accrue Workplaces

Conference room & desk management made easy, so everyone can focus on a great day's work

Smartway2 display panels are robust and easy to maintain.

Combined with our exceptionally flexible conference room and desk booking software, you have everything you need for to create a more agile workplace.

Conference room display panels

Book a room in seconds, from right outside the door

Transform employee experience

No more fighting over meeting rooms or hot desks

Outlook integration

Integrates with Outlook, Teams and more.


Desk display panels

See at a glance whether a desk is available.

Conference room display panels

As the world transitions to hybrid working, how do you ensure and type of meeting spaces?

The answer lies in accurate space utilization data.

Transform employee experience

Configure custom rules and workflows, to ‘nudge’ the behaviors you desire.

For example you can limit who can book what to ensure availability to those who need a particular space the most.

Want to reduce last-minute burden on your hospitality team? Create a ‘rule’ that requires 24 hours notice for a catered lunch.


30-50% of space typically goes to waste because people made bookings then failed to show up.

Smartway2 eliminates this problem, saving a fortune in wasted real estate, while boosting collaboration.

Desk display panels

Check in to desk bookings with Smartway2’s stylish desk display panel.

These slick, round 3.5″ panels mount on any surface effortlessly – and it looks and feels like a piece of art!

Make it easier than ever for your people to find and book a desk, see the status of a desk at a glance and securely check in.

Not your average workplace experience solution


Design your ideal experience

Create custom rules to ‘nudge’ desired behaviors, e.g. you can’t book the same desk for more than 3 days in a row.


Reverse hoteling

If someone is on vacation or on leave, make their desk available for others to use.


Automate approval processes

Easily manage approvals for certain bookings and the workflow that lies beneath.


Wellbeing & inclusion

Enable people with particular ergonomic requirements to book a desk that fits their needs


Increase people per desk ratio

Transition from 1:1 assigned seating to 1, 2, 5, 10 or more people per desk.


Desk display panels

Touchlessly check in to desks via a digital display. Enable cleaners to swipe to confirm the desk is ready for use.



Integrates with Outlook, Teams, visitor management systems, security systems, sensors and more.


Occupancy management

Set a maximum occupancy to prevent reservations that’ll exceed a safe capacity, for a simple return


Hybrid working

Smoothly transition to hybrid / agile working practices by creating an adaptive, on-demand workplace

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