Amarillo Independent School District (ISD) chose Smartway2 to manage space scheduling across its 55 campuses.

“I looked at a dozen or more systems,” said Joel Olson, Programmer & Analyst at Amarillo ISD, “but they were too cumbersome and complex. When I started looking at Smartway2, I found that it’s an exceptionally agile tool; and the interface is very user friendly. 

“It’s so flexible and customizable that we can make it do whatever we want it to do; and the open API is great. With other tools on the market, there’s no way to achieve that. 

“Smartway2 won’t just serve our current needs – it’s flexible enough to adjust to whatever we decide we need in future. It’s built in such a way that we can innovate. 

“I’d recommend Smartway2, without question.”

Amarillo ISD needed to manage not only meeting rooms, but also more complex bookings, such as gymnasiums, that are used by third party private and civic organizations. 

“For every event that happens, our staff have to prepare the room,” said Joel. “These spaces might need to shift from a set-up for band practice, with specific seating and equipment requirements, to a set-up for volleyball practice, with nets set at certain height.

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