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The ‘new normal’ is smart, automated and connected

In some European countries almost 70% of people are now back to work, whereas in the UK the figure is below 40%.

For some, fear of using public transport is holding them back, while others are finding they’re more productive at home.

There are many factors influencing the rate of return to the workplace, but regardless of the nuances, one fact remains: for all but the smallest organizations, managing a safe return to work amidst COVID-19 is practically impossible without smart technology.

A data-driven, automated approach to social distancing, contact tracing, sanitation, employee feedback surveys and self-certification is just the start.

Organizations faced with the logistical challenge of managing who comes in when – then ensuring that whoever does come it is kept safe – are turning to solutions that allow employees to book everything they need in advance, including desks, rooms and parking.

Our Executive Chairman, Steve Vatidis, goes into more detail in this recent feature in Techerati: The smart technology enabling businesses to re-open their doors.

“Returning to the workplace is no easy task,” says Steve. “While both employers and employees will try their best to follow guidelines, it is human nature to resist change. Cloud technology is the key to creating a safe ‘new normal’ as it adapts much quicker and with much less resistance than humans. It can automatically adhere to changes, making them much easier to implement.”

Therein lies one of the most game-changing benefits of Smartway2’s hyper-flexible ‘rules engine’.

By configuring the system with flexible rules that fit your workflow, the behaviors you desire will emerge naturally. In other words, you can either tell people what to do and place the burden on them of following procedures to the letter – and place the burden on managers to enforce COVID-safe rules – or you can simply bake those procedures into your tools, so that simply by using Smartway2, people effortlessly follow protocol.

Join us as we walk through 7 scenarios you’re likely to encounter when planning a safe return to work in this webinar.

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Jane Young

Jane Young

Last updated August 6, 2020