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Office Branding 101: Ideas, Tips and Inspiration

Let’s start this post by answering a basic question you might be asking yourself: what is office branding? The answer is pretty simple, but effective implementation is not as easy. Office branding means designing your office space to reflect your brand, philosophy and company as a whole. It’s not as straightforward as slapping a logo on the wall or putting up a new coat of paint, office branding encompasses every detail – down to the floor plan, fonts and furniture – and can have a big impact on the way employees and outsiders view your business.

Why is Office Branding important?

Colorado Biz Magazine featured why office branding is so important in an article that said, “A company’s workplace is an extension of its brand, sending an intentional message to visitors and employees with its style, use of space and cultural vibe. Whether creating relaxed or more formal environments, it is important to begin by exploring a company’s brand identity. Elements from logo color and font to values and mission all play a role in ensuring the workspace is consistent with the overall organization’s image.” 

Colorado Biz Magazine’s article goes on to report, “Whether a business is trying to attract new employees or new clients, branding is essential. Curating the right environment can go a long way in creating brand pride, and as a result, increased employee engagement, retention and recruitment. Clients can sense that pride, along with company morale and culture, and it can be a determining factor in their decision to work with you or not.”

The video interviewing platform Spark Hire put together an article that includes why companies should consider office branding. One notable finding included, “it’s a great way to encourage employees to live and breathe your company. Furthermore, working in a unique, dynamic space could have real boosts to productivity. Who really works best in a plain, boring office?” That article goes on to explain about office branding, “It could also boost the image your company gives potential clients and customers. Branding your office is a way to show you really know your brand and are intensely proud of it; a message that can resonate with those you seek to impress.”

Office Branding Essential Elements:

Office branding takes into account all aspects of a physical workspace. We’ve done the research and below is a list we put together of some things you’ll want to consider before undertaking office branding:

  • Office layout
    • This includes whether you want an open office floor plan, a more traditional office layout, or a combination of both. The layout of your office creates a vibe in and of itself that sets the tone for your workplace. You may want to consider office neighborhoods.
  • Furniture
  • Décor
    • What art do you want displayed? How about finishing touches? All of the tiny details can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your office.
  • Logos
    • What is your company’s logo? How and where will you display it? What message do you hope your logo gets across? Your logo is marketing 101 and will set the tone for your brand.
  • Color scheme
    • A color scheme can really dictate a certain feel within a space. You’ll want to select your colors with careful consideration.

Best Office Branding: Advice from the experts

The founder of the brand design agency “Just Creative”, Jacob Cass, put together a list on how to make your office space an “integral part of your brand.” He has 6 tips that we are sharing below:

  1. Check That You Are Happy with Your Existing Branding
  • Cass says before you plan a redesign you should make sure that your existing branding fits the message you are trying to tell about your business. He also says you should check to see that employees are aware of “your mission, your vision and values.”
  1. Tell Your Story
  • Cass writes that you can tell your story in many ways including with quotes and imagery.
  1. Think About Color
  • When it comes to color, Cass writes, “Your website and marketing material probably already follow a set color-scheme; bringing this pallet into your office is an easy way to display a seamless continuation of your brand.”
  1. Choose Furniture Wisely
  • Cass recommends thinking about how different pieces of furniture make you feel. He writes, “So, to choose the right kind of furniture for your brand, think about your values and the service you provide; does it conjure a certain aesthetic in your mind? If you’re not sure, it may help to summarise your business in a few words. Are you reliable, sensible, and good value? Or, are you more innovative, fun, and high-energy? Use your chosen words to search the web for inspiration then get creative.”
  1. Inject Your Personality with Accessories 
  • This step is all about the small details. Cass says, “Think about what reflects your business best when choosing accessories.”
  1. Utilize Your Office Layout
  • Office layout can send a big message about your brand. Cass writes, “Once you’ve thought about furniture and accessories, it’s time to think about how your office layout can be used as an integral part of your brand.” Many organizations are shifting towards hot desking in order to boost employee experience and automate social distancing.

Inspiration and Examples:

With a simple Google search you will find numerous Pinterest boards and all sorts of imagery of different types of office branding. Based on our research, we are sharing the below is a list of a few sites that have some great examples of successful office branding and some good ideas on what you could do with your own space:

  1. 19 super-cool design offices to stir the senses: Creative Bloq
  2. 35 Inspiring Office Branding Ideas: Bashooka
  3. First Impression Business Branding Ideas for Facilities and Offices: Sunrise Signs
  4. 7 Modern Office Design Concepts To Attract The Best Employees: RI Group Workspace Designs
  5. Workplace Branding: Vision Branding Solutions

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Stefania Vatidis

Stefania Vatidis

Last updated January 14, 2021