Hot Desking Checklist: Everything Your Need To Know (2021)

Today you’re going to learn everything you need to know about Hot Desking and how you can apply it to your business.

What is Hot Desking?

Hot desking is a fancy term to describe a flexible working system where multiple people share desks in an office space. Simply put, the idea is to get away from employees having an assigned workspace. The system can improve productivity, flexibility and cut down on wasted space.

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What are the benefits of Hot Desking? 

Advocates say hot desking, also known as office hoteling, can cut down on real estate costs by diminishing the square footage required per employee. Other benefits include increased productivity, greater opportunities for collaboration and the ability to reconfigure your space to be used more efficiently.

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Don’t Fall Prey to Common Pitfalls

The frequently feared hot desking hell can be easily avoided by effective implementation. It’s important to establish a clear system for how sharing desks and space will work with your specific needs. This means taking into consideration employees’ opinions and input because one of the major problems that people fear with it is wasted time searching for a desk. This can easily be avoided with a good scheduling system.

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How to Implement Hot Desking in Your Office: Equipment Necessities

In order to effectively introduce a hot desking system into your office space you must first have the proper technology and equipment.

The following list includes the TOP 5 MUST HOT DESKING MUST-HAVES if you decide to implement it into your office.

  1. Docking Station: This allows employees to plug in their individual computers to a monitor, mouse, keyboard, printer and any other tech that they need, ensuring the same, easy-to-use system throughout your office. According to Kensington, a desktop computing and mobility solutions company, having a docking station provides 3 main benefits:
  • Access to new devices
  • Improved portability
  • The ability to use of multiple devices
  1. Adjustable height desks and chairs: With people of all shapes and sizes sharing a desk, it is imperative to make sure everyone is comfortable. This means getting equipment that is customizable for each person. Desk company Flexispot writes, “Adjustable height desks offer employees the option to sit or stand during the work day. Adjustable office chairs are also important in an ergonomically correct workplace. Not only are they important for spine health, they’re versatile and cost-efficient since they can be customized to meet the needs of the majority of workers.”
  2. Storage Options: With multiple people sharing a workspace, having a functional storage solution is key. This can include lockers, shelves, cabinets or any other space for employees to keep their personal effects and any necessary work-related supplies. As we approach winter, keep in mind the need for employees to hang jackets, scarves and hats so these items are not stored at people’s desks.
  1. Cleaning Supplies: In this COVID-19 era people are especially concerned about germs, so having enough disinfectant wipes/sprays and other cleaning supplies for every employee is absolutely necessary so shared space is left clean after each use.  Having adequate supplies readily available will help keep the office clean while giving employees a peace of mind about germs – or lack thereof. Also, make sure you have hand sanitizer dispensers or individual bottles available in multiple spots throughout the office!
  1. Technology: It may seem obvious, but there must be guaranteed access to the internet and any software your employees need. And always remember that each individual station requires outlets readily available to provide power. Equally important is taking advantage of a workplace scheduling system to seamlessly manage your needs. Smartway2’s system has a ton of built in advantages to make sure you implement it effectively. Those benefits include: the ability to set simple desk booking rules, to use ‘Smart Desk Recovery’ to release unused desk bookings, and the option to assign permanent desks to those who need them, just to name a few. Another bonus of implementing a workplace scheduling system is managing your workforce during the pandemic. Smartway2’s tools can help you to make sure employees are social distanced, that adequate cleaning has been done and that contact tracing reports can be run in the event that someone falls ill.

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Why Use Our Solution?

Smartway 2 can transform employee experience and space utilization, boosting collaboration. Our advanced workplace analytics can provide you with powerful data while helping to create a COVID-safe office. The user interface is simple and consistent across all devices which means there’s no learning curve. Interested in requesting a demo? Click here

Jane Young

Jane Young

Last updated December 14, 2020