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Workspace Management Case Study: Exertis

Exertis chose Smartway2 to manage meeting room booking at their new UK Headquarters.

The solution soon spread throughout the organisation, with successful installations at their flagship National Distribution Centre in Burnley and regional offices in Harlow, Stoke and Slough. 

Exertis now uses the system not just for booking meeting rooms, but also for booking, approving and managing their fleet of pool cars. 

Exertis is part of DCC plc – an international sales, marketing, distribution and business support services group, operating across 17 countries. Turnover: £14.3 billion Employees: 11,500

Here’s what Tristan Drinkwater, Facilities & IT Services Manager at Exertis, has to say about Smartway2…

“Before we came across Smartway2, we used manual diaries on reception to coordinate who was using what meeting room. This was problematic for several reasons. To combat these issues, we went down the path of using Exchange. However we didn’t have any meeting room display panels to show what was happening in each room. This meant our staff had to check Outlook to find out whether or not a room was in use.

We were moving into a new building and wanted to ensure it was equipped with the latest technology. Our goal was to create a more professional corporate culture across the business.

We had a range of requirements:

  • Integration with Exchange
  • Professional-looking meeting room display panels that enable our staff to see who is using what, when
  • The ability to book rooms on-the-fly with the same access cards we use for door access, carparks and our follow me printing solution
  • A seamless experience no matter which office you’re in

Smartway2 helped us achieve all our goals by providing a slick meeting room management solution that aligned with our reputation as a cutting edge technology company.” 

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Jane Young

Jane Young

Last updated December 10, 2018