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Easy resource scheduling

Make it easy for people to book the spaces and things they need

Meeting room booking software

Meeting room booking software

Smartway2 is a unique cloud-based software solution for managing meeting rooms, desks and parking spaces

Works with your phone, tablet, web browser and Outlook

Scalable from one meeting room to thousands

So user friendly, it takes just seconds to complete your meeting room booking

Quick to deploy, easy to configure – no army of consultants required


The Smartway2 work

Use your time & resources more effectively than ever before

Meeting room booking software

Desk booking software

Does your organisation have flexible working, hot desking, or a mobile workforce?

Reduce costs by managing hot-desks in Smartway2

Say goodbye to clashes and mix-ups

Cut your carbon footprint

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Outlook room booking just got a whole lot easier

Do you use Microsoft Outlook to schedule meetings at work? If so, it’s no surprise. A culture of Outlook calendar invitations is prevalent in most companies we talk to. Yet there’s more to the story. It's a great tool to start with - the obvious choice, you might say. But many people don’t see it as a viable long-term solution for meeting room management. Until now, that is... because Outlook room booking and meeting scheduling just got a whole lot easier. In this post we're going to explain how you can make your office run like clockwork using Outlook room [...]

Help or hindrance? The case for meeting room booking rules

Consider the following scenario... Say I feel like having my team meeting in the atrium. But I haven’t considered the fact that it’s a premium space in the building for major events. A few colleagues from hospitality interrupt us half way through our meeting. They’re a little exasperated that we’re in their way, explaining that they need to set up catering for the CEO’s presentation in an hour’s time. Apparently we shouldn’t be here without approval. ‘Who can give us approval?’ we ask. They shrug, ‘Sorry, we have no idea’. We move on, pacing through the office in search of [...]

Why enterprise mobile apps are highly valued but rarely used

Are you using enterprise mobile apps at work? When was the last time you used an enterprise mobile app in the office? We’re not talking Facebook and Snapchat here, but workplace apps that make it easier to do your job. The strange thing is, despite more or less everyone having a smartphone, if not a tablet, at work, people aren’t using enterprise mobile apps to get things done. In fact a 2017 study by ArcTouch revealed that only 12% of office workers are using enterprise mobile apps. So what exactly is going on? Could it be that they aren’t worth [...]

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franky law

“We chose Smartway2 because it has the best feature set, at a lower cost than the competition. Without Smartway2, we’d be in chaos! One of my favourite things about the product is how user friendly it is. It just works and massively improves the efficiency of how our building is run.”

Franky Law, Accrue Workplaces